Mission Statement 
This blog is devoted to the actual working (or non-working) justice system that is typical (or non-typical) in a region of Upstate New York. To many "down-staters", up-state means anything north of New York City. However, for the purpose of this blog, we will concentrate on the region of Northern NY (North Country), which is from Albany northward. For relative definitive reasons other areas of New York State are: Central NY (Utica/Syracuse) - Western NY (Rochester/Buffalo) - Southern Tier (Binghamton/Jamestown)".

Justice prevails in many forms and theories. We will focus on the pros and cons of this aspect while leaning toward what happens when the system appears to fail. We will discuss the possible reasons and the concept of apparent failure.

A concern of North Country residents (and others), tends to be more towards injustice rather than justice. There probably isn't any equivalent to the frustration and despair of a person who has been wrongly accused or convicted of a crime that they did not commit.

A point to always remember is "There are two sides to every story". One should never jump to conclusions based on an individual account such as a newspaper, television, blog or a word of mouth version of an incident.

The contributors to this blog consists of many individuals that are presently or have been a part of the NYS Criminal Justice system. Their concern is to enlighten and possibly right any wrongs that have occurred. For practical purposes and legal reasons, they will remain anonymous.

An obvious disclaimer to this blog is: It is NOT a referral service and it is NOT to be construed as professional legal advice. There are many qualified trained professionals available to assist anyone with a valid legal problem.

All direct emails will be kept extremely confidential and any direction or advice offered in response will be consistent with professional, ethical and legal standards.