Erick Westervelt Case 
Several members of NCJ reviewed videos of a jailhouse interview with Erick that was presented by WRGB TV (Ch. 6), Schenectady, NY.

The videos can be seen here. ... _1c7e22d3c

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New Direction 
The North Country Justice Blog has not been actively published for six months. We realized that the requirements for maintaining a daily blog were enormous and extremely time consuming.

Therefore we all made the decision to re-focus our energy on a select few cases that indicated flaws within the North Country criminal justice system, resulting in wrongful convictions and/or poorly investigated crimes.

We will begin with highlighting a case that came to our attention in early 2008. One of our group leaders had been intensely reviewing a criminal case in Albany county that resulted in a conviction and sentencing of a young man that had been accused of killing his father and seriously injuring his mother. While the facets of this case were extremely complex and perplexing on both sides, another case paralleling the same time line had even more complexity and compelling questions.

The first case mentioned was that of Christopher Porco of Bethlehem, NY. The other case that was over-shadowed by the extremely high profile reporting of the Porco case, was that of another young man from the same region by the name of Erick Westervelt.

As much as the two cases have many similarities, they also have much diversity. It was extremely hard to suddenly switch our focus from one case to the other, but it became obvious to our group that there were many more unexplained issues in the Westervelt case than in the Porco case. Not to say that we totally abandoned the latter, it was decided to place more resources toward the Westervelt case.

Therefore, in the months ahead we will be reporting on the issues surrounding the Westervelt case and will compare the similarities in the two cases.

Here is a synopsis of what the two cases are about.

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