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      • Coincidence?
        As mentioned at the beginning of this special report, there were two cases in the same town that involved murders that took place just weeks apart. There are uncanny similarities in both cases that boggle the mind. The other case involved Christopher Porco, another college student, who was convict

      • Food for thought.
        Our society has a tendency to be complacent about certain aspects concerning truth and justice. There are people who read and watch the news daily. There are people who are, or become, involved in cases within the criminal justice system such as workers, jurors, witnesses, etc. Then there are oth

      • A picture is worth a thousand words!
        This picture of Erick was taken during happier times in 2004 along side of his aunt at a family reunion.

      • Miscarriage of justice?
        “A miscarriage of justice is primarily the conviction and punishment of a person for a crime that he or she did not commit.”

        There probably isn’t any human emotional situation that can compare with the despair of being wrongly accused. From early childhood, most every person can recall

      • A young man’s life on the line.
        An account of the Westervelt trial

        On June 20, 2008 we posted the first blog entry about the Erick Westervelt case. There is a link attached that connects to the Truth In Justice website. The link is a copy of a news article in a local Albany, NY, area publication; The Altamont Enterpri

      • Déjà Vu!
        It was absolutely destined to happen again. A confession in a major high profile murder case in Albany County again was not recorded. A young man was convicted of firing a hand gun in the direction of some youths and killed a young girl nearby. The entire case revolved around the suspect’s confes

      • The new year . . . . .
        . . . . . is usually greeted with hope and great optimism in relation to the past. Since we began focusing on the Erick Westervelt case, we made a decision not to post or discuss very specific information about the victim that he was convicted of murdering. Doing so would not be an appropriate rem

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